Saturday, September 13, 2014

Q: Gurudev, Despite so much research there’s not yet a cure for HIV. Is there any hope and what is your message to those afflicted with HIV?

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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:
Those who are living with HIV and AIDS must remember that we are all going to lose our body one way or another. Everybody is going to die. Now lift your eye above this body consciousness to know your spirit. Spirit has no disease. Spirit is beyond it. Keep your mind alive, energetic, loving and happy. People with disease die and people with no disease also die. Sometimes they die out of nowhere. Sometimes sick people live longer and many times healthy people suddenly die. All possibilities are there. So, know that you are more than the body. You are consciousness. You are light. Honor that light. Please don’t sit and brood over it. Look ahead and engage your life in educating others who are not informed about HIV. And instead of seeking solace, become a giver of solace to others.
“When the essence of religion and spirituality are universal human values, it is vital that we drop
our miniscule identities, join hands and take bigger responsibilities to make this world free of
disease, stress and social evils.”

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