Monday, September 29, 2014

Q: Gurudev, I’m a teacher of a junior high school. 15 year old girls say we might die tomorrow so we have to enjoy now. So they say alcohol and sex is important. They don’t take care of themselves. What should I do?

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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:
This is misplaced knowledge. When anyways you are going to die, why do you have to drink and spoil your health. When anyways you are going to die, why do you have to have sex. Relax, anyways you will die. You can talk the other way around as well.
When kids want to do what they want they will come up with any excuse, any knowledge. Anything they will use as an excuse. You have to educate them. Tell them to forget about all that, they are not going to die tomorrow. They are going to live and they don’t want you to live with sickness. Parents have to educate them.
Bring them here. It’s become difficult all over the world with children getting into sex, drugs, and alcohol. It’s a big challenge. Everyday so many mothers and fathers come and cry to me about how their children are going astray because of bad company. Maybe we should have our own schools everywhere.
As parents you must see that your kids have proper company. Invite all the friends of your kids home and talk some good sense to them. Friends of your kids will listen more to you than your own children, so become a good uncle or aunt. Tell them nice stories, play games together, get them engaged in some service activity. Parents must do all this.

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