Sunday, September 28, 2014

Q: Gurudev, What are the five things that the youth should do to make India unstoppable?

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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:
You want only five things, I have twenty five things.
1. The youngsters today should be proud of their roots. If they are not proud of their roots then that will show up as a weakness in their personality. So take pride in your roots, then your self esteem will go up.
If you have a good self esteem then you can do anything in the world. In India, many people suffer from a lack of self esteem.
2. Stay away from intoxicants.
The province of Punjab has been destroyed by drugs from across the border. It is a sad thing. The youth don’t want to do anything because they are so addicted to drugs. Not just the province of Punjab but the same is in Kerala as well. I had a delegation of youth who came and met me couple of days ago. He was telling me how drugs have taken root in Kerala, in Mumbai and in Bangalore. It is unbelievable. We must chuck the intoxicants. I request the youth to stay away from all types of intoxicants. Drugs and alcohol de-addiction is a must for a progressive country.
3. Engage yourself in some form of social activity, at least for one hour a day. Give one hour to the nation.
4. Do some random acts of kindness.
5. For the youth, this is the time to improve your talents. This is the time to be creative and multi-dimensional. You have to be multi-talented. Though you may pursue one line of education do not ignore to equip yourself with others skills. You may be studying for engineering, but also learn some cooking. Suppose you don’t get an engineer job at least you can cook somewhere.
When I was a youth like you, I use to think, what else can I do, thought I was anyway going to do spirituality. So I used to put my hand everywhere. Even if you are not a master it is good to be a jack of all trades. That can at least explore your ability to be a multi-faceted personality. So it is very important to improve your personality by engaging yourself in many areas.

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