Monday, October 20, 2014

Gurudev, however spiritual, compassionate and service oriented I may be, if fate has something else written for me then no matter how good I am to others, they still turn against me. Then what to do?

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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:
Don't worry. It's okay if people turn against you.
See how our Prime Minister Narender Modi is. He was bashed so much. I don't think anyone in the country had been bashed so much. People called him all sorts of names, but he came out of that.
We have many such examples. Even if you do only good to people, and have done nothing wrong, there are people who will only see bad intention behind it.
It is so surprising that people who want to find fault, they can find fault in anybody, anywhere
. But such people are very few, so don't worry, let them be.
Even for The Art of Living, some people say that we have grabbed land. I have heard this. They don't tell us which land we have grabbed. Let them come and show us.
Someone says the Art of Living has 50 acres of land in Maldives. We don't even have a small place in Maldives. They should come and show us the 50 acres, we can take it at least.
They say Art of Living has grabbed government land. It's the other way round. We had to give our own land, for which we had already paid money. But there are people who say such things, what can we do? Just ignore them.

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