Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Q: Gurudev, How to deal with so much injustice in the world?

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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:
If you only think about all the injustice, you will keep boiling. When you keep boiling, you cannot think clearly. When you cannot think clearly, your action will also not be right. And at another level, your action will also contribute to the injustice.
When you see injustice, there are three things to do:
• Take it piece by piece, bit by bit
• Know that there are good people in the world in every field. This world has a hundred good people, and only five bad people. If the world is bad today, it is not because of the five bad elements, it is because of the hundred good people who are sleeping. So wake them up
• Know that there is a universal power that loves you. This power or law will always take care; have that faith.You are not going to protect this planet forever. You are here only for 80-100 years. You have no control over what will happen after 200 years. Nor did you have any control over the 19 billion years that the planet has existed. Know that you don’t have control. All that you can do is pray and wish that the best happens
Do you know our scientists say that the whole solar system is moving in between many black holes? It is just escaping the black holes. At any time the black hole can just suck the solar system, and everything will be finished.
Not just the Earth, the Sun, Moon, Jupiter, everything will be gone, it will disappear into nothing. So when you get so worried, or get so angry about injustice, go to a planetarium and watch! That is the last option!
Before that, wake up people. Create awareness in people, create activism.

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