Saturday, November 22, 2014

Q: Gurudev, Should social organizations be a part of politics? Will it not weaken its own strength?

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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:
There is a table with four legs. Even if one leg gets broken, then the table still remains upright by the support of the other three legs, isn't it?
In the same way, in society, if politics (or any other aspect of society) becomes corrupted and loses its effectiveness, then society has to be supported by those aspects which is morally upright.
So, if the social organizations remain silent, or feel dejected and helpless, then it is not good for the society.
See, Nirbhaya died in Delhi (referring to the case of a young girl who was abused and killed in New Delhi). Why did all the social organizations come out in support for her; seeking justice for her? They could have said that it is a criminal case, so it is the duty of police only. What do we have to do with it?
If they would have thought in this way and remained silent about what is going on, then will it be good for our society? No, not at all. need to stand up and intervene sometimes.
In the same way, if there is some wrongdoing in a social organization, then shouldn’t the government intervene? If there is some wrongdoing in the domain of religion, then the government has to intervene, and it does.
A society is a composite community, consisting of many individual entities. We cannot build walls between the different parts of the society. They support and complement each other. This is how it has been since time immemorial.
The great Rishi Vishwamitra used to stay at his ashram. But when there were misdeeds happening in the society, he went to King Dashratha for help, and Lord Rama accompanied him to help restore order and peace. It was their duty to protect Rishi Vishwamitra and set right the elements that were creating a nuisance and disturbing him.
So it is the duty of each part of society to remind the other about its duties and responsibilities. Especially, the good people should come forward and enter politics. If good people just sit back and do nothing, then the wicked elements and criminals get encouragement to create more nuisances in society.

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