Monday, February 3, 2014

Daily Sutras - 3 Feb

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Jai Guru Dev Beloved Divine Friends 
Wishing you an even more brighter, prosperous and a wonderful new year ahead with a prayer to His Almighty to shower His Choicest blessing on your near and dear....njoy
This body is changing everyday. Yet something is also not changing. Your body is made up of billions of atoms. There is a queen bee in your body. Each body is a beehive full of honey. Locate the queen bee within yourself and that is meditation.
Being Joyful
When we get in touch with the source of life then all other tensions, worries fall off and we can sing, dance and be happy. Life can become very intense, intense in the sense of being joyful.
Ego is – ‘I am something, I am intelligent, I am stupid, I like this, I don’t like that, I am rich, I am very poor, I am ugly or I am beautiful, I am something, I am’, that is ego. When you understand all this then you feel is this the thing? No! After understanding ego also, there is something left, what is this? That is the self
A Guru will put you into your Self, make you reach the goal - not just tell you some techniques and show you some path.My dear, problems are there in life but you are bigger than the problem. Remember you will always have enough to survive, you will always be protected.
Like water flows down and fire goes up. This is a physical law, the more contented you are the more you will get. And the more lack you feel, that lack will grow. Just wake up to this reality
With Warm Regards


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