Sunday, October 26, 2014

Gurudev, how much money should a person earn in life? Does earning more than one’s needs mean hoarding of money that is someone else’s share? Also, what is the difference between being resourceful and self-sufficient?

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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:
See, put in all your efforts and earn as much as you can. But follow certain rules. It is not right to earn money by committing crimes, or through any other wrong means.

If you do, then the result will only be misery and suffering. If you adopt wrong means to earn money, then your own conscience will prick you from within, and you will feel, 'I have stolen from someone'. It will pinch you from within.

So do not use wrong means of earning money. You should put in all your effort to earn money, making the best use of time available to you.

Q: Gurudev, Aggression is considered as a sign of power these days, how to change this?

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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:
If aggression is the power that brings positive change, the world would have changed a lot through all the aggression that has happened and is now happening in many parts of the world. But that is not what we see.
Where there is aggression, there is distress. There are more issues, more problems, and more poverty. With aggression, we move backward. Wherever there is aggression, you see that the people have gone backward; at least fifteen to twenty years backward, if not more. Co-operation is key.
The world has seen many aggressions which have not given great result.
Sometimes, people think war is very good because war can change laws. They think that war can destroy what was there and bring a change of law. But you know, for that to happen, several generations suffers.
In this age of information and technology, I think people are intelligent. We don’t need to go through that suffering. I think we are much more intelligent, and much more informed, so we don’t need war. All that we need is awareness.

Q: Gurudev, How do you bring peace to a relationship with a lot of conflict and arguments? Do you stay in it?

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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:
There are two ways to handle it:
• Move away from that place at that time - because when everybody is angry, things are heating up, everyone goes deaf. Angry people do not listen to anyone. The best thing is move away a little bit and wait for things to cool down.
• Be there, with patience - First, agree with the person, say, ‘Yes, I agree with you.’
Suppose your husband or wife is arguing with you, don’t say, 'No', say, ‘Yes, you are right, I agree with you.’ The moment you agree, the temperature comes down. Then in a little gap, as the temperature comes down, say, ‘But…’. This is the secret.
Sometimes people come to me with big ideas. I tell them, ‘Your idea is brilliant, very good, but it is impractical.’
Use your skill to calm the situation, and then get across what you want to the other person.

Q: Gurudev, How do we free ourselves from the pain we have received till now, and what to do so that we do not receive the pain in the future?

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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:
Yoga and meditation is the only way.
Here everything is painful. Even an overdose of anything pleasant becomes painful.
Wanting something pleasant causes pain. After having gotten what you want, then also there is pain because there is a fear of losing it. And when it is gone, the memory of it gives pain.
Something unpleasant anyways gives pain right away. But the pleasant also gives pain because wanting or craving for something pleasant, is painful. This is what happens many times.
Someone wants to get into a ministerial post. Before getting into it, there is so much pain to get into the post. Once they get into the post, then maintaining it is painful. And then when they leave the post, then also there is pain, because no one respects them. But when you feel completely unattached to it, that is when the pain disappears.
That is why it is said, 'Tena tyak tena bhunji thah'.
Know that all this belongs to the Divine, so just let go of attachment and enjoy!
I am not saying that it is bad to get into a position, or bad to experience pleasantness, no! But you should be detached from it.


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