Saturday, November 8, 2014

Gurudev, what is the place of Dharma in politics and governance? What is meant by Rajdharma?

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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:
Dharma has a great place and role in politics. People in power should run the government and the affairs of the society in a righteous way. It is the duty of the King to uphold and sustain Dharma (morality and human virtues) in the society in every possible way. This is what Rajdharma is: to always uphold and sustain Dharma, and to eliminate Adharma (immorality and negativity) in society. And to ensure righteous and holistic progress in society – this is the foremost duty of the King.
It is said, 'Dharma rakshati rakshitaha'. It means that Dharma upholds and protects those who abide by and uphold Dharma itself. So the duty of a King also is to protect and uphold Dharma at all times. Dharma does not mean any particular community or section of society. Dharma means that which gives joy and peace in this world, and liberates you in the other world. Dharma provides Abhyudaya in this realm, (i.e., Dharmais that which provides peace and comfort in this life), and bestows one with Nishrayasain the afterlife (i.e., it liberates one in the afterlife).

Q: Gurudev, After having explained your point of view to another person, how do you make the person come to terms with it and accept what you have said.

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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:
Skillfully, you need a skill.
If you are dealing with your boss, never make him feel that you have a better idea than him, and impose your idea. He is not going to accept it. You should always give a light suggestion, like, 'Sir, I think like that, but you know it better'.
These few extra words, 'You know it better', makes the boss pick up your point.
If you tell him, 'Sir, what you are saying is not correct, this is correct', if you emphasize too much that you are correct and he is not, whether it is your boss or your father or your father-in-law, he is not going to take it.
So, you need to have the skill in communicating with your elders. You need to also have the skill to communicate with people who are your equals and a completely differently skill to communicate to those who are younger to you.
This is where you have to think – how skillfully are you conveying to them what you want to say.


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