Monday, February 2, 2015

Gurudev, how can a person become a better meditator?

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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:
See, there is no better or worse meditator. Just be in the present moment and be happy. Instead of continuously thinking, 'What can I get?' Think about, 'How can I contribute? How can I be useful for the society?'
There is a certain joy in getting. We often want that others should love and respect us and should always admire us. You should just drop all this and throw it out. Come out of this and think 'What can I do to contribute?' Then you will be happy and your meditation will also be deeper. Life becomes sweet and richer.
There is a joy in getting things. But joy also lies in giving. Have you seen your grandparents? Their joy lies in sharing more with their children and others around. A mother cooks so many different dishes for her children when they return home. Her joy is in feeding everyone. That is a more mature joy.
Somewhere in life we have to grow and evolve from the joy we get from grabbing and getting, to the joy of sharing and giving – which is that motherly joy, or grandmotherly joy. That is a more mature kind of joy.

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