Friday, March 6, 2015

Q: Gurudev, Please tell me how to keep my connection with the divine in my everyday life, and in times of distress

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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:
This intention to keep the connection itself indicates that you keep feeling the connection again and again.
Just make it a habit. As soon as you wake up, feel the connection. Before going to bed, thank the divine for all that you have received. Even this, you do not need to repeat it verbally, you should simply take it for granted and be natural.
Divinity is the simplest form of awareness. Divinity is our most natural state. Any moment in which you feel totally at ease and at home, know that you are in divinity. That is it.
One of the biggest requirements is total contentment. When you feel totally contented, that moment you are with the divine. And that is the time when you are in the moment, in the 'now', because 'now' means 'total contentment'.
'Now' is for 'total contentment' and 'tomorrow' is for 'desires, planning and wanting'. So behere and now, in total contentment and total serenity.
How often total contentment and total serenity comes up in you, is up to you. Sometimes it just happens to you. That is why many saints in the past have said that it is a gift that they have received.

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