Sunday, July 26, 2015

Q: If we use valor to handle a situation, elders feel we have forgotten our manners. How to handle the situation?

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Don’t justify your anger as valor. If you’re arrogant, and behave rudely, your behavior cannot be justified. Valor is an inner phenomenon. It gives immense patience, perseverance and inner strength. It does not mean screaming, and shouting. Screaming, and shouting means you are weak. If you’re really strong, you will just smile. You move with confidence. You will be unfazed. That is valor. 

This is one side of the story. The other side is that whatever you do, someone will criticize you. You will be blamed if you act, and even if you don’t act. If you speak, or don’t speak. You can’t keep pleasing everyone.
If your focus is on finding shortcomings, either in yourself or in others, you cannot raise higher. Recognize that if someone gives a comment, reflect on it. If there is some truth, accept it. If not, then thank them and move on. Don’t ask them why. Just say: ‘I appreciate your perception’ and move on.

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