Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sri Sri on how to be successful and free of stress

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As times are getting tougher in the corporate world, many are feeling the pinch. Stress impacts the way we think, feel and behave, thus affecting all aspects of our life. The consequences of letting stress rule are nothing short of disastrous and tragic.
So how to be successful without paying the heavy price of a stressful life is what everyone is asking these days. I would say it's rather easy and simple.
It's like riding a bicycle
What is the secret to riding a bicycle? Balance! It's about staying at the centre: not letting it fall to the right or left. When it's falling on one side, you bring it to balance.
When you go out of balance, you feel the pinch. Listen to that. Don't just ignore it, acknowledge it and come to the centre. Whenever you go out of balance in any aspect of life, listen to your inner voice, and come to the centre.
Balance work and rejuvenation
First, balance your time between work and rejuvenation. Take care of your food, exercises and take time out for some meditation and relaxation.
Take interest in art
Second, take interest in some art form. In the corporate world, you are loaded with left-brain activities like logical thinking, planning, analysis, etc. So you need to balance the left-brain activity with the right-brain activity. Painting, music, poetry or any other kind of creative and recreational activities activate the right brain. When the two hemispheres of the brains are balanced, you can experience higher clarity, higher creativity, higher productivity, higher efficiency and higher relaxation
Strike a work-life balance
Third, strike a work-life balance. Listen to your inner voice. If you have ignored your family, it pinches you. If you have ignored your social commitment, it pinches you. If you are ignoring your business, it pinches you. If you are ignoring your spiritual practices, it pinches you. So wherever anything pinches you, come back to the centre.
Do acts of service
Fourth, do some seva (acts of service). Be useful to people around you. It's the best antidote to stress. You must contribute to society. When you do some act of service and kindness, it brings immediate feeling of inner rejuvenation.
The secret of true success is in balancing all aspects of life without being attached or averse to any of them.

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