Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Gurudev, out of 20 minutes of meditation, I can meditate only for 1 minute, the rest of the time I feel I am talking to you. Am I dreaming or are you really talking to me at that time? Sometimes I open my eyes slightly to see if there is someone.

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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:
It’s okay, you can do the 2% meditation.

Look, sometimes, with eyes closed, we start dreaming and get transported into the fantasy world of our mind, which is called the Manorajya. With eyes open, we are in the outside world. In between the two is silence. Not too much of the outer world and not too much of fantasizing also. We need to meditate in between these two.

Gurudev, what can one do about the attachment to the Guru? That too brings a lot of hurt and pain.

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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:
See, if you try to possess the Guru then that is not possible and will only bring you pain. A Guru belongs to everyone and not just to a handful few people. And where there is intense love, there is bound to be intense longing also, and it does bring a little pain with it. But this is a different kind of pain, there is a certain sweetness in this pain. This kind of attachment to the Divine, or to the Guru, or to the entire world, is one and the same.
We all want to see the world as a better place. One becomes a Guru only when one is able to provide knowledge and help bring a positive change in the lives of others. I say that, when one experiences a profound transformation in life, that is when they become aware of the Guru and turn to him with reverence. People often say the exact opposite of this: they say that first you must make someone as your Guru, and only then will you experience change in your life.
How can you express your gratitude to the Guru? By helping with bringing the same transformation that you have experienced in your own life in the lives of many others. If you sincerely desire that ten people should be benefitted and live better lives, then that sincere intention surely works and manifests.
So love and longing are two sides of the same coin. This does happen, and our inner creativity blossoms because of this as well. This longing for the divine can bring our attention to the right path and away from negative things such as drinking alcohol, criticizing others, etc. When the mind turns away from such negativity and soaks in the nectar of love and devotion, then longing also comes and this does bring a little pain with it too.

Q: Gurudev, Who is a yogi and what is a yogi’s way of life?

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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:
A yogi is a child. A yogi is becoming a baby again and again. If you look at a baby, from about 3 months to 3 years he does almost all the asanas. It can even teach you pranayama. You don’t need a yoga teacher if you observe a baby. Similarly, all animals also do some asanas.
A yogi is one who is connected with the infinity; connected with everybody. He doesn’t feel isolated with anyone, at anytime. Yogi is one who is skillful, one who is flexible. Some people have a very flexible body, but their minds are very rigid. A rigid person is not very palatable. He cannot communicate properly and is not open to new ideas.
A yogi is one who is not rigid but at the same time who is not very mushy or wishy-washy; he is very straight forward. He has strength, yet is soft. He has a childlike innocence, yet depth in wisdom. He is childlike, not childish. He has a childlike simplicity, yet is wise. A yogi is sensible and sensitive.
Often people who think they are very sensible are not very sensitive, and people who are very sensitive are not sensible at all! A yogi is a perfect combination of sensibility and sensitivity.
Yogi is one who is loving, yet very centered. Often people who fall in love lose their centeredness, and people who are very centered, they don’t seem to be radiating love. A yogi is the perfect combination of head and heart; being centered and at the same time being very loving.
You can assign all ideal characteristics to a yogi because a yogi is one who is connected to the self, connected to the universe, connected to everybody; because everybody is connected.


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